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Why it's time to remove that old tree?

Our main focus at Affordable is to save every tree that we can. Sometimes though it is time to let go. Trees have many benefits we can take advantage of, but they can also be a risk to our home and family. If you have a tree that is showing signs of crown decay or has lost large limbs in the past. Maybe it is time to have it accessed by a certified arborist. A certified arborist is trained to look for the tell tale signs that a tree may fail.

Signs it’s time to remove your tree

Tree defects are injuries or decay that reduce a tree’s strength. If you see excessive die back in your tree canopy, if you notice the presence of mushrooms or conks growing on your tree’s trunk or root system, these can be signs of decay. A certified arborist is trained to look for things that don’t catch the everyday person’s eye. Examples’ co-dominate stems, included bark, junction shape. Some trees in our area are more prone to failure, Maple and Box Elder trees can be completely hollow and still be completely alive.

If you have a tree that you have questions about, call a certified arborist, most will access your tree for free.