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Tree Spraying

Maintaining The Health Of Your Trees and Shrubs Is Vital To The Environment and Beauty Of Your Home

Tree Spraying in our area can be very beneficial to your landscape by controlling damaging insects, disease and fungus. Unfortunately unless the arborist that is evaluating your trees is qualified, missed diagnosis occurs. This leads to over use of pesticides and continued degradation of you valuable trees and shrubs. Having someone who is not only a certified arborist but also licensed by the department of agriculture assess your trees is the surest way to ensure the health of your valuable landscape. Affordable Tree and Shrub will send a qualified arborist to your home free of charge to evaluate and discuss options for maintaining your trees and shrubs.


Affordable Tree and Shrub Experts is a commercial applicator, licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Our qualified supervisors can help you determine what insect or disease may be infesting your trees and shrubs, and the right course of action to take. We always use the most environmentally safe pesticides that are available.

Soil Injections:

Whenever practical, soil injections are a safe and effective alternative to foliar sprays. Our qualified supervisors will help you determine if this is a viable option for your landscape.

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Due to our poor soils here in the area, fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and longevity of your trees and shrubs. Our fertilizers have all of the micro and macro nutrients as well as mycorrhizae that your plants crave.

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