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Fire Mitigation in Colorado Springs, CO

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Years of fire suppression combined with dry weather is a recipe for disaster as anyone who lives in this area knows. If any good at all came of our recent fires it would be that folks are now aware of the importance of fire mitigation! If you live anywhere in the urban wild land interface that makes up a large portion of our area, reducing your fuel loads and creating defensible space is crucial to protecting your family and property. We offer free evaluations with a certified arborist that can help you determine your best course of action. We can also help you coordinate an evaluation with the city of Colorado Springs fire departments.

Some of the things homeowners can do to improve the safety of their property. Raising Pine trees to 10 feet, elevating Pines to this height greatly reduces the chance of them being affected by a ground fire. Pine bark is very resistant to fire but when fire reaches the branches it can move from tree to tree very rapidly. Fire mitigation in the Gambel Oaks in our area consist of clumping the Oaks off and elevating them as high as possible. Removing large patches of dead wood and high grasses as well. You are trying to prevent a continuous source of fuel and create defensible areas in case of fire. Around your home most sources will say to cut things back to 30 feet from your home, we find in most cases, this is impractical. We recommend cutting trees back off your home to where there are no over hanging branches and again trying to raise all limbs to that 10 feet mark. Any Juniper shrubs that grow against your home should be removed. Try to use rock instead of mulch for ground cover around your home to reduce flammability. Always remember even if you do it yourself Affordable Tree and Shrub is here to help you get rid of all that debris.

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