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The Importance of Tree Removal and Why You Should Let the Professionals Handle It

For many homeowners who’ve lived in the same place for a long period of time, the trees on their property can come to hold sentimental value. Your kids may have built a tree house or maybe the front-yard tree provided the perfect fall foliage every year. But there does come a time when a tree dies, and it needs to be removed. Trust us, living with a dead tree near your home poses various risks, and you will need professionals to remove it. It’s not just an aesthetic-ruining or eyesore.

Dead trees — even tree stumps — may appear harmless, but they can really create many many issues. For example, dead trees can cause property damage, destroy power lines and utilities, block roads, injure someone, and increase the risk of fire. Plus, if you leave it there too long, more baby trees can start to sprout up, resulting in more costs to remove and surrounding plants suffering because their nutrients are being absorbed elsewhere. Dead trees and old stumps can also cause your yard to attract increased insects, including termites, which can cause nasty damage to your home. But don’t try and take care of it yourself: Removing a tree requires safety and care. If you find yourself googling “how to remove a tree,” look no further.

If you’re like most homeowners, then you probably don’t know how to remove a tree yourself. At Affordable Tree and Shrub, we will efficiently and carefully remove any old stumps and trees that may be taking up yard space. You will want to consult professionals like us because we will ensure insects and plant diseases don’t spread to your home or the rest of your lawn. It’s also a matter of safety: dead trees often topple over, landing on your house or even your family. Our professional team will assess the risks and ensure there is no damage to your home, or your family.

Convinced you should let the pros handle your tree removal needs yet? Contact us at Affordable Tree and Shrub for our range of tree removal services today.