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Top 3 Tree Fertilization Techniques for Healthy Growth

Top 3 Tree Fertilization Techniques for Healthy Growth

Just like any other living beings, trees also require nutrients to stay alive and healthy. And tree fertilization techniques can help ensure healthy plant growth in Colorado soil. We all know that trees collect the nutrients they need from the soil. However, clay or other local soil in Colorado and surrounding areas cannot offer sufficient nutrients to the trees.

For that reason, your trees and shrubs end up with fewer nutrients. However, fertilization can add nutrients to your soil, which can help your trees and shrubs grow healthy. Many tree fertilization techniques are available – today, we’ll talk about the best ones that work well in Colorado. Let’s dive in!

Surface Application

If you’re seeking a simple and convenient way of fertilizing, go for surface application. This one is the most common and easiest of all tree fertilization techniques. First, you’ll need granular fertilizer for this technique. Spread the fertilizer over the surface around the tree root using your hands or a spreader. You can opt for this method for any of your plants. The time of the fertilization depends on your tree type. For most trees, spring is the best time. And, for shade trees, early spring and late fall are ideal for fertilization.

Sub Surface Application

In this technique, fertilizers must be applied below the surface. This is ideal when trees are surrounded by turf grass. Using sub-surface application, you put the fertilizers directly into the soil with the help of some specialized tools. This way, the turf grass cannot absorb the nutrients given to the trees.


Finally, we’ll talk about the third top fertilization technique -injection, which includes spraying trees with chemicals. This short-term solution treats any specific nutrient deficiency in your trees. Note that the injection method might leave holes in trees if not done correctly. If you wish to try the injection technique, it’s best to apply it during spring when it’s most effective.

When to Fertilize Trees: Signs That Your Trees & Shrub Need Fertilization

If you notice the below-mentioned signs on your plants, it might be time for fertilization:

  • Trees having dead or withered leaf tips
  • Trees with dead branches
  • The leaf veins are getting darker
  • Getting lower yield
  • Leaf colors are changing
  • The production amount is low

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It’s important to know how much fertilization your trees require and which fertilizers are ideal for your soil and plants. Often, all this can be troublesome to maintain. But you can always seek help from professionals who know exactly when and how to fertilize the trees you have to keep them on top of their game. If you are looking for high-quality tree care services in Colorado, look no further and contact Affordable Tree & Shrub now!