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The Art of Stump Removal and Grinding Explained

Stump Removal and Grinding

An unsightly tree stump compromises your property’s appearance. Old tree stumps can also pose a safety risk and prevent new growth. So, the best approach is to get rid of them.

But do you know how to remove tree stumps? There are many methods, and stump grinding is considered one of the best for removing tree stumps. Below, the experts have answered the most dominating question: “How does stump grinding work?” Let’s check it out.

How Does Stump Grinding Work?

Stump grinding requires professional equipment and expertise, as well as professional tools. This is why stump grinding should be done by professionals only. However, getting familiar with the process before hiring experts to get your job done is best. Here’s how stump grinding works.

  1. First, the operator will inspect the area and ensure no safety hazards are nearby. They might clean the twigs, rocks, and debris around the work area before they get started.
  2. Next, the operator will trim down the stump as much as possible using a chainsaw.
  3. Now, the removal team will use a stump grinder. They need to wear protective clothes and equipment to use the grinder. Also, it’s recommended not to use the stump grinder when kids and pets are around.
  4. The operator will raise the grinding wheel a few inches above the trunk’s right edge. After that, they use the spinning cutting wheel to nip away the stress trunk gently. They might repeat the process to dig a few inches into the ground and remove the tree stump altogether.
  5. The operator must clean the area when removing the tree stump. They also need to fill up the hole using wood chips and soil.
  6. If the owner wants to restore their yard/land, they can spread vegetable, flower, or grass seeds over the soil.

Now that you know how to remove tree stumps leave stump grinding to the pros for safe removal. If you’re seeking professional stump removal services in Colorado Springs, contact Affordable Tree & Shrub for a free estimate today!