stump grinding service fountain co

Affordable Tree and Shrub Experts has 37+ years of experience and provides expert-quality stump grinding services, in addition to stump removal services. Old stumps can be an eyesore, a tripping hazard and can even inhibit new roots. Stump grinding is the proper method for stump removal and should only be handled by the experts.

A stump grinder is a large machine that will reduce your old stump to mulch. You can now lay sod over the area or even replant. Too many times when you see 'stump removal service' it means the company is going to use equipment to pull out your old stumps. This is not a method that is practiced by a professional tree service. Pulling out old stumps can damage your lawn, your irrigation system, your driveway or even ruin your home's foundation. Let Affordable Tree and Shrub Experts remove your stump with the right equipment for the job. No stump is too large for our machines, and we take pride in the quality of our stump grinding and stump removal services.

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